Will We Ever (Ever, Ever) See Outkast Again?


It’s been over twelve years since Andre 3000 and Big Boi worked together. They’re not coming back. Although, we definitely will keep asking.

Aside from a (albeit) brief reunion at Coachella, some other festivals, award shows and small venues, the Atlanta duo are done.

But man, they were among the all-time best.

In hip-hop, careers can rise and fall in the blink of an eye (see 50 Cent, Ja Rule and Meek Mill), but the brilliance of Outkast was the timelessness of they’re style. Seemingly from another lyrical galaxy, they mixed political statements, cultural satire and dirty South swag. Carving their own path and influencing a generation of MC’s in the process.


We’ve seen great duos, like A Tribe Called Quest or Method Man and Redman, but Andre and Big Boi’s ability to shift stylistic gears while evolving musically was a true rarity in the genre (or any genre really).

As ATLiens put them on the map and if Speakerboxx/The Love Below was their swan song, it is a truly remarkable portfolio — and yes, much too small.  Pick a track listen to it three times and you’ll hear three different versions.  The spectrum of their artistry shines on “B.O.B”, “Roses” is equal parts wild and compelling, their smooth bravado drips from “So Fresh, So Clean”.  We could go on.

While we have to face the reality that Kast is gone and not coming back, both guys keep working.  Guest appearances on tracks here and there, or movie roles seem like the norm, but how about a full album?  Probably not in the cards.  With that much talent and their chemistry it’s hard to believe they won’t.  Maybe inspiration with find them again.  Maybe.




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