Why Chocolate and Candy Just Isn’t Enough


So it’s the holidays and you want to get your partner something thoughtful to show how much you care. So you run out to your local florist and grab some roses and then stop at the local See’s to grab a heart shaped box a chocolates. Yay, cross the lover off your list – I mean no, literally! Look chocolate and candy is a nice thought, but it really should be reserved for the surprise on Friday or the “additional” gift on Valentine’s Day. But it’s Christmas you all – get creative if you want to spend another Christmas with this person. Why isn’t chocolate and candy enough you say? Because it says nothing about how you feel. What does it say? It says you went out last minute and got the token gift. If you are newly dating someone and you buy him or her chocolate and candy for Christmas, don’t be surprised if you get that confused sort of underwhelming thank you. If you want to send the message: “Listen, I like you but not that much yet so slow your roll.” Then yes do the obligatory Sees Candy and flowers. But if you like this person, engrave a piece of jewelry, write a personal note or better yet listen to  what they like and go get them that. Oh yeah and if you are thinking about getting him or her cute flannel, Christmas pajamas – um kiss your relationship BUH-BYE!




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