The Pink Debate


For years there has been a “pink” debate when it comes to  men’s fashion. Should you or shouldn’t you? Maybe a pocket square, a tie at most – but should you go as far as wearing the pink shirt? The answer is: Of course you should. The more complicated answer is: Yes. If you like pink and you are comfortable with the bold statement, you should wear it.

If you aren’t comfortable pulling off a bold pink polo, it will most likely not work. It’s like when women suddenly wear a crimson red lipstick when they were going with the barely made-up look for years. It’s a big jump. If, say your wife bought you a pink Ralph Lauren shirt and insists you wear it because you look so sexy because she is sick of you only wearing white shirts and khaki pants, then maybe jumping to the pink polo is a giant leap for you. But honestly, pink is a no-bias zone. If you like it, go for it. Think about a few things though because again, you will be the center of the fashion discussion if you wear a pink shirt even if you wear it badly.

A couple points…

Know your shape. If you are overweight, a pink Ralph Lauren polo is probably not the look but maybe a pink pocket square or even a pink tie with a navy suit, might be dashing. Or if you aren’t really ever that dressy, try a a very light pink sweater, winter scarf or even a pale pink button down over jeans and you can always add a leather jacket or a tweed one. And remember there are so very many different shades of pink so give it a shot.

Women and men love the bold fashion statement. If you go for it, it says confidence and that is always hot!




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