Thanksgiving Guests: Do It Right


So every year you get into the post turkey argument because you don’t give enough attention to guests while you watch the game or you  hang out with your buddies, also guests, instead of talking to the in laws. Well this Thanksgiving, make a plan to avoid the post turkey day angry shut down. Here are a couple tips. When the in-laws get there, make sure to offer them their favorite drink made with their favorite alcohol (of course that you checked in advance). Could also be their favorite soda or tea. Also spend extra time plating the turkey and carving it special. Let everyone know that you will be watching the game at a specific time so if they  all need anything during, please let you know before. Show your partner a little extra time and attention early on so you can do what you want during the game and buddy time. Appear to be very interested. Ask wonderful, pointed conversation questions during the meal. Don’t check out. If you need to, check out by escaping to your man cave if you feel a blow up at any of the guests. And whatever you do, if your partner cooks, don’t insult the dry turkey.




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