Prince, the One and Only


By now you’ve heard the news. Truly sad, incredibly tragic and far too soon. Prince’s impact on music and culture is one that we’ll likey never see again.

He was definitely a one of a kind, whose styles and statements were so far ahead of the curve, he was on to the next thing, just when we were getting used to it. For Prince every move was calculated, for sure it would be eye opening, but his purpose was always true.

Prince Purple



For him, it all came back to music. Incredibly progressive, he created a sound and a message that was as bold as it was impressive. A true artist, what he created would influence musical styles for generations to come.

Oh and as far as personality, his was unforgettable. He was all swagger, confidence, sex and charisma. If anyone embodied the expression, men wanted to be him, women wanted to be with him, it was Prince.

He left us at 57, way too early, but what Prince left us with is a legacy that is equal parts remarkable and magical.




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