Men’s Interior: From Bland to Beast


The reason many men’s interior design looks like it needs a woman’s touch is that it’

s missing the touches right? The extra spiff… But simple doesn’t have to look bland. In fact you can make your male inspired furniture and decor incredibly stylish without adding too much flair or feminine touches. How you say? Well start with a foundation. A nice pale grey wall sets up a palette and says male but not boring. Add a a flash of color in the bedroom for instance. You can have a solid duvet cover, and minimalist design but then add a cabinet maybe that is orange or a small garage sale table that is bright blue. Also if you are having trouble with art work, there are companies that will blow up photos. One excellent photo that you took of a starfish on a vacation for instance, can be the center piece photo print on the wall. Keep it simple for sure but simple doesn’t mean bland. Remember just a pop of color can take you from bland to beast! You can do it.




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