Men Came Out for the Women’s March


Don’t be fooled, there were many men who came out in support of the historic women’s march on January 21st. One of the biggest nationwide protests in the history of this country, drew the likes of women, politicians, celebrities and yes, MEN. Many guys sported shirts and signs in support that read: I’m with Her and You’re the Puppet. If anyone thought for minute feminism was dead or that men were headed back to the dark ages in light of some real backwards political division as far as equality and civil rights, that thought was eradicated. Men arrived in droves all over this nation in a real show of unity for all of our equality – men, women, children, LGBT and disabled people alike. Jordan of Ohio told a reporter at Quartz:

I feel like a lot of the women are getting their voices silenced, and I think its important to make sure we as men are here to stand with them, and help their voices be heard.

So to all the men who showed up to the Women’s March, on behalf of all women who have had their voices silenced, on behalf of all LGBT youth who feel less than, all Muslims and immigrants and anyone who believes that equality is our human right, the nation thanks you.




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