Manscaping or No Manscaping?


Personally I think women prefer manscaping – the act of trimming a man’s body hair – over absolutely no manscaping. But as with all male vs. female beauty regimes there are double standards. So most women like some chest hair but if you are Benny the bear, you may consider a little manscaping. Also when it comes to back hair – um, no, just um, well no! So if you have a rug on your back, sorry guy, you gotta do a little waxing. Now the real question arises when men it comes to whether men should manscape their private areas, their legs and/or under the arms. Women are not good – flat out not attracted to men who shave or wax their legs. So it’s a nix on the manscaping there. How about the under arms? I would say don’t over do it, but you know, trimming is preferred. Now in the nether region – look you gotta be sensible and think here? Is a women going to run for the hills when she sees you naked? Is it all ornery and nasty down there? Clean it up, Joe. Clean it up. We do all this trimming, tweezing and waxing for you all, you gotta reciprocate, bud. As far as that ¬†treasure trail that we always hair about. Yes if you pay attention to your body and work out, yes, women love it. I would say if you have a big old belly, don’t even bother. Look, just being honest. Oh and hair toes um, no you all NO!




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