Make-up on Men: Mainstream?


Now that Covergirl has taken the lead by putting a transgender male in an ad as a new spokesmodel and most recently airing a male on a Covergirl commercial talking about the best base make-up color, are we passed the men and make -up stigma? Well maybe we aren’t quite there. I am not sure if you walked into a bar in East Texas with full base and lip color, that you ‘d be welcomed with open arms or better yet completely ignored as just another guy – but we are getting there. No offense East Texas! So look, if you need a little cover up here and there or if you like a powder and occasional tinted lip balm, what are the best brands? While I like Covergirl, I still think for now at least, it is best to go with the brands that specialize in men. Honestly, men’s skin is tougher and responds differently — no I am not being sexist, hormones, hello? — so it’s best to go with a special line. I like Formen. They have a whole line that is beautifully tailored. Also MenPen has a great blemish stick and other products. Look, if you are new to the make up trend for men, dip a toe. A blemish stick or under eye bag reducer or perhaps just little men’s moisturizer… It’s not too soon. You are just in time!




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