Hollywood Men: Leading the Equality Train…


The Golden Globes were all about equity and PC politics last night. Meryl Streep spoke directly to Pres. Elect Trump about the importance of accepting foreigners and how it broke her heart that Trump mocked a disabled reporter. And Isabel Hupert talked about “no wall”. But the most interesting thing was the messages the men were sending. They say art imitates life and often, Hollywood leads the way. In case you didn’t notice all of the nods to anti-homophobia, equality and love, you missed it. Justin and Jimmy had a brief bromance and a dance to a La La Land spoof. And when Ryan Gosling won — you may not have caught this but the Twitterverse went insane— Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissed. I mean it was a very progressive, warm and fuzzy Hollywood last night with the men leading the way. Even Sterling K. Brown when asked what he was most excited about, mentioned everyone else’s wins that were much deserved and only added his own nom as an aside. Hmm are men the new example of equality and love? They may have just turned the corner or maybe there was something in the drinks. But suffice it to say, warm and fuzzy, equality-pushing, good-sport-non-competitive men, it was like getting a huge virtual hug. Good job, Hollywood.




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