Good Sportsmanship During a Tenuous Time


No doubt it has been a trying time for the country. And in light of the fact that sport and the tone of the country intersected this year when Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem, one might think that our national pastimes, our forms of escape are also lacking separateness. Is it all political? Our musicians, our sports stars – where can we find a respite? But I have hope that as we approach the holidays and football season approaches, we will find a break. It could not be timed more perfectly. Just as the New Orleans Saints big win back when, helped to bring hope to the city after Katrina, let’s hope that as we head into the holidays and we all eat turkey watching football and if we are lucky, ring in the new year, rooting for our teams at the Super Bowl, that we find healing and solace in our commonality. All of the aggression that American citizens are expressing, let’s remember how lucky we are when we argue over a play or cheer together for our favorite teams. Isn’t that  what men and women do? We compete hard on the field and then shake at the end with a closing of: good game.

Let’s be good sports as we head into 2017 putting a difficult election behind us. For what other choice do we have?




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