Elle UK: The Man Bun is Still in Fashion


Hoping the man-bun was a passing trend? Well according to Elle UK, that and a few other trends coming out of Rio, are fortunately or unfortunately here to stay. I thought Jared Leto left the man bun on last year’s Oscar red carpet – but I guess I misjudged. It’s so sill though isn’t? It’s silly on women, a playful, throw your hair up on the run style. Why are we supporting this look?

According to Elle UK – the man-bun is rocking and Twitter peeps want it gone – like me! Says Elle:

Matt Damon’s recent man bun has competition as Great Britain’s Louis Smith sported a drastic man bun during his gymnastics competitions. With a buzz cut all over except for a Mohican-style man bun crowning the top of his head, some even blamed the hairstyle for his silver medal placement.

According to the mag, the bun, green hair (thanks to track star Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce sporting it as homage to Jamaica) and space aged eye-wear – all trends that will be here to stay after Rio 2016.

Yay! More man-buns, just what I was looking forward to in 2017! What happened to the dapper short haircut that Clooney was sporting a few years back – can’t we go back to that?




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