Does Size Matter?


Well guys the debate about size has been solved. It turns out there is good news and bad news. Women don’t really care about weight, penis size or your receding hair line. Now the more sobering news — women really do care about how tall you are. Sorry. Get y’all’s mind out of the gutter. Here is the skinny, I know there has been a whole lotta buzz about how women don’t care about height or should not. And it became a tad trendy for shorter stature men to be with gorgeous statuesque beauties like Tom Cruise with Nicole Kidman and then Katie Holmes. But really – Hollywood is a giant charade. Let’s get down to it. Women like their men tall – even the short women. But if you are a shorter guy, before you go and get all bitter, be honest with yourself. It feels more appropriate  to have the man a bit taller than a woman. And before you think I’m just sharing my bitter opinion, I’m not. It’s actually backed by a scientific study.

A new study in the March 2016 edition of the journal Personality and Individual Differences suggests that there is still one element of a man’s appearance that women do indeed care deeply about. Spoiler alert: It’s height.

Well now you know. So if you are 5’6″ maybe seek out the petite set. Or don’t. What’s that they say, rules are made to be broken.




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