Does “It” Happen to Every Guy?


In a now classic “Friends” episode, Ross gets called out on his temporary “go limp” moment. In this famous made for classic TV moment, during a fight, Rachel retorts, “It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy and it is a big deal.” But does it…happen to every guy? Now, I’m not talking about male erectile dysfunction – they have drugs for that you all. I am talking about the occasional “limp” mishap. Most women I know, if they have been with their men long enough, have experienced the occasional “frustration”.  But what do the experts have to say? I went looking. According to Psychology Today, men are sensitive creatures. If it’s not a medical issue, you either aren’t into it or you psyched yourself out. Says the outlet:

If medical issues have been ruled out and a man does not get an erection when one is wanted think if your penis might be saying that to you. Both women and men have a conditions which must be met for ideal sex – physical comfort, privacy, familiarity, a sense of welcome, whatever it might be for the individual. If your basic conditions are not being met why force the issue?

In a nutshell, ehem, sorry for the poor choice of phrasing, an article on Huff Post says it all. In the feature titled, 7 Possible Reasons Why He Can’t Get Hard the #1 reason is:

The penis can’t rise without compromise.

Remember that ladies, when your man goes soft, give him a pass – or some foreplay!




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