Dealing with A Dead End Job


Hate your job? Well it’s not uncommon. But most of us can’t just quit especially if we have a family or even a dog to support. It’s just not feasible. So how do you deal with a job you can’t stand. First check in with yourself. Do you need an attitude adjustment? Seriously sometimes we just hate things so much that our attitude stinks and then that very thing we hated, gets worse. So give yourself an attitude makeover and quick. Now, armed with your shiny, bright new attitude, make some small changes immediately. It may be possible to negotiate changes at work. If you are indeed a valued employee or manager, seek out your bosses engagement on this. You might be shocked to know that they will make changes for you to keep you. If that is not an option, do one small thing each day toward getting your dream job. Then at least when you lay your head on the pillow, you’ll feel less frustrated. And lastly, try to do one small act of kindness daily for a coworker, you might slowly see that things change and you feel if not amazing about your job, at least a little more excited to go in each day. Hang in there – a new year is coming!




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