Couples Who Root for the Wrong Team!


So your wife invited the Jamesons over for The Patriots playoff game. Normally you love hanging out with your wife’s bestie’s hubby to watch football but this year, your home team, The Patriots, is in the playoffs. And so is his! Oh hello no. What does one do? I mean look if you have never met a Patriots’ fan, you might want to hide under a really sturdy piece of furniture if you plan on rooting for the opposing team. See the funny thing is, I am not even being funny. I have been kicked out of people’s houses if I show up wearing a Giants’ shirt for instance. OK so this year two hot teams are playing each other, Pittsburgh and New England. Now on the plus side, maybe you can make nice because it’s not  The Super Bowl. But here is my recommendation, if you want to sleep with your wife that night, and you want to ever see the Jamesons again, either pre-warn that there is going to be some serious rivalry happening at the playoffs get together. A sort of “enter at your own risk” warning… Or come down with the old “I’m a Patriots fan and I’ll kill you” sudden contagious virus. If I were you, that would be the safest bet. Don’t tell your partner and when she brings you soup, say you want to take it on the couch to watch the game.




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