‘Clash Of Clans’ Android Update: Fix ‘Your Device Is Not Compatible’ Error


The error seems to affect all sorts of Android phones, both new and old with no particular preference toward OS version or smartphone manufacturer.

To fix the “Your device is not compatible with this version” error, Supercell recommends navigating to your Settings app, and then opening the App Manager before selecting the Google Play Store option. From here, you’ll want to select either the clear data option or the clear cache option. This should reset whatever corrupt data is hiding out in your Android Google Play Store’s cache, and allow you to update your Clash of Clans to the newest version.

If this fails, try signing in and out of the Google Play Store before doing a soft reboot of your phone. Another alternative is uninstalling and reinstalling the app, or trying to install Clash of Clans via the .apk file. If you’re still out of luck, the best option would be to hold on tight and complain loudly on Twitter.


This is apparently the second time in a row Supercell has had difficulty pushing out an update for Clash of Clans players using Android, Product Reviews reports. For the previous update, Android users encountered a similar problem, while iOS users were able to update Clash of Clans without a problem. The issue doesn’t seem to be affecting iOS users for this update either.

This latest update is called the Treasury Update, and brings with it three new features: the Treasury, the Loot Cart and the Daily Star Bonus. More can be read on these new features here, but their implementation seems to be a direct result of complaints Clash of Clans players have had with Supercell after the release of the much maligned Town Hall 11 Update.

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