Are Dermal Fillers OK for Men?


A few years ago everyone was talking about plastic surgery on men and the verdict was DON’T. Magazines had pix of celeb men who were once considered virile and hot by women who had now gone under the knife, essentially ruining all that. Splattered across the pages were Mickey Rourke with awful before and afters and Kenny Rogers – the same fate – used as examples of why men should never have face work. But it seems that lately the topic has re-emerged but now it’s about fillers. A recent mag talked about George considering some fillers and tighteners and Dr. Drew scarily has ne’er a line on his face. Then the other day I noticed that Simon Cowell, the hairy chested Brit with the bad attitude and a lot of women – and his cheeks looked strangely puffy. It was sort of embarrassing.

The conclusion: I think men are secretly partaking in the filler craze.

But here’s a tip – you will look feminine if you use fillers in the same way women do. Take heed.

Simon Cowell looks like he swallowed Brandi Glanville – not a good thing. A bit of advice from Medscape:

Dermal fillers can be very useful in male patients who struggle with volume loss given their relative lack of subcutaneous fat. Volume replacement with dermal fillers carries the risk of feminization. Mid face augmentation should account for the male cheek anatomy. Fillers should be injected laterally along the zygomatic arch, carefully avoiding too much volume in the anterior and medial cheeks. In contrast to women, for whom lip augmentation is a leading use of fillers, the upper lip is generally avoided in men due to the risk of feminizing.

I still say: WALK THE OTHER WAY, MEN. Embrace the lines and the gray.




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